Mobile First Aid Solutions

Alpine First Aid provides on-site medic services to the Oil & Gas Industry, Construction, Ministry of Forest for Wildfires, Ministry of Transportation on highways projects, BC Hydro and others.

We provide all levels of care ranging from basic life support (occupational first aid, emergency medical responders, and primary care paramedics ) and facilitate immediate air-lift transportation to hospital if necessary.

Alpine First Aid owns and maintains a fleet of emergency treatment vehicles (ETV), mobile treatment centers (MTCs) and ambulances enabling the quickest deployment of medical units and personnel. All units exceed regulatory standards.

We also provide you with a customized Emergency Response Plan (ERP) that ensures your personnel the best possible care and treatment in the event of an emergency.

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Mobile Treatment Centre

Our Mobile Treatment Centre’s are all equipped with well above the provincial minimums and are stocked with your industry in mind. All MTC’s are 4x4 and ready for wherever you need them. All are equipped with vehicle mounted VHF radios and a handheld for the medic.
From $500 per day
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Emergency Transport Vehicles

We have a variety of Emergency Transport Vehicles, all are equipped to the MTC level and have extra stock to cover your particular type of industry. All have VHF radios and more than meet the provincial standards. Most ETV’s are 2 wheel drive however 4x4 is an option if needed.
From $399 per day
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Industrial Ambulance

Need an Industrial Ambulance? 2 and 4 wheel drive ambulances are available for jobs that require them. All are equipped with lots of heat and light and more than meet the requirements for worksite ambulances.
From $399 per day
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Secondary Transport

Are you working off the beaten path? When required we have several options for accessing a patient away from the road.


For winter travel we have snowmobiles available with a rescue skimmer that is towed behind the sled. The patient is able to be secured in the skimmer and transported to an area where they can be driven or flown from.
From $95 per day
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UTV’s are available with the capability of bringing a patient out in a stretcher, depending on terrain a trailer can be towed or the equipment can be fastened to the box of the UTV. The UTV also has a VHF radio mounted on it and extra lighting for work in the later hours of the day.
From $125 per day
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Rescue Argo

We have Argo’s available with “Ambulance Kits” on them. They are rigged specially to be able to carry a stretcher with a patient properly secured and protected for areas where the trail is difficult. This option is especially useful in areas where there is a lot of mud, water or muskeg. All come with mounted VHF radios and a full Level 3 first aid kit and a stretcher / basket kit.
From $175 per day
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(Class D Fixed Line or long line rescue) We can offer you HETS trained paramedics for places where there is limited access from the ground. HETS Technicians are brought in on a rope hanging under a helicopter to be able to access many workers over a large area where a vehicle is not the most efficient access. HETS crews can offer coverage to a large area in a short amount of time and can offer the patient a quicker and smoother trip to medical treatment.
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Rescue Services


We provide stand by rescue services anywhere a crew is working near moving water to ensure a timely rescue if someone falls in. Our experienced crews do field level assessments of your needs and risk levels whenever you are working near moving water.
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High Angle

We have high angle rescue crews available for whenever you are working at heights, give us a call to discuss your needs
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Confined Spaces

We have confined space rescue techs available for standby work whenever your work safety plan requires crews to work in any kind of confined space. WSBC requires a standby rescue plan and team for confined spaced whenever work is being done, we can help you with that.
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