Attendants / Services


Industrial Ambulances:

Our industrial ambulances are set up to meet the regulations for a mobile treatment centre as well as able to transport patients directly to the hospital. Most come in 4 wheel drive and most are capable of running with lights and sirens when needed.


We have many experienced Paramedics available, they also hold their provincial first aid tickets so they can work on your site as designated first aid attendants on top of being able to work full scope to their paramedic license level.

First Aid Attendants:

We have OFA 1 and 3 attendants available for your worksite. Coverage when your attendant is off or for times when the crew is bigger than normal. Our attendants are experienced and happy to help out around your site when appropriate..

Mobile Treatment Centres (MTC or ETV):

We have many MTC’s available as well for your site. All meet and exceed Provincial rules for use as a temporary first aid room or emergency transportation vehicle. Vehicles can be rented with or without an attendant. We have 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive options


Safety Officers:

We have Construction Safety Officers, National Construction Safety Officers and CRSP level services available for your site. We can help with Health and Safety planning or incident investigations.

Secondary Transport:

We also have vehicles that can get off road and transport a patient to the road. ATV’s, Argos, Boats, we have many options to meet your needs. All are rigged with specialized equipment to transport an injured patient on a stretcher safely.