Canadian Red Cross Wilderness First Aid

Length: 40 hour course

Wilderness remote environments require specialized skills, equipment and training. There will be lots of opportunities for hands on learning with a significant portion of the courses taught in an outdoor setting so participants get the most effective learning experience possible.

Who should take this course?

Individuals who live, play or work in non-urban, remote or wilderness workplaces or communities. Guides or assistant guides who take clients to areas where help is limited or delayed.


  • Remote workplaces or communities
  • Wilderness

You will learn skills and strategies for providing care in a remote setting for up to 24 hours.

Key Learning Concepts:

  • Planning, prevention, and situational awareness
  • First aid assessment and care
  • Choking
  • Circulation emergencies
  • CPR and AED
  • Breathing emergencies
  • Sudden medical emergencies
  • Wound care
  • Head, Neck, and Spinal Injuries
  • Bone, Muscle and Joint Injuries
  • Sudden Medical Emergencies
  • Environmental injuries or illness
  • Poisons
  • Wildlife
  • Extended care
  • Evacuation: transport the ill or injured person

Price $525+gst